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Friends We Recommend

The path to achieving and maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle involves more than just adopting a diet of natural and organic foods. We are often asked to recommend additional services to customers seeking to restore or enhance their health (body, mind & soul). Thankfully, over the years we have developed relationships with many local businesses that demonstrate a commitment toward the highest quality standards. Whether you are looking to improve personal fitness, enjoy a nice meal at a restaurant, or find a holistic practice, we are proud to call the following people, places, and businesses, “friends we recommend.”

The Healing Art of Reiki

Reiki is an ancient, Japanese healing art that uses Universal Life Energy to promote health through physical, emotional, and mental balance.

What Can Reiki Do?

- Increase creativity and awareness.

- Balance energy & release emotional blocks to wholeness.

- Relieve stress and amplify vitality.

- Increase endorphin's level in the brain to combat pain.

- Induce a deep level of relaxation for the benefit of wellness.

- Enhance the body’s natural capacity to heal itself.

Shannon Uhl, a Usui Reiki Master Teacher has been practicing Reiki since 2012. Always looking to expand her knowledge and provide support for her Reiki recipients she enjoys incorporating other healing therapies into her practice such as crystals, sound therapy, aromatherapy & meditation. 

Illuminate You Numerology and Coaching

With over 20 years of experience in the human development arena, Jamie Mitchell has found her true calling as a Numerologist and Life Coach.

In 2011, she became a certified professional coach through the Institute for Professional Coaching & in 2014 she incorporated her love and passion for Numerology into her coaching business, Illuminate You Coaching. She works with people that want to discover their authentic selves again and Numerology is a great way to find out who you truly are and what your soul’s plan is for you in this lifetime. Jamie is dedicated to helping her clients become the best that they can be by feeling joyful and empowered!!