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Our organic farm sits on 42 lush green acres in Cecil County, Maryland. We have been providing our local community with fresh produce since 2008.

We were introduced to the Gotland breed in 2015 and were immediately attracted to their personality and lustrous curly gray fleeces. Gotlands are quite bright, active and friendly - full of curiosity.

As a Master gardener by trade and a fiber artist enthusiast, I was excited to bring this unique and rare breed of sheep to our farm, in Cecil County. Our goal is to raise the sheep strictly for their fiber and up-breed the Gotland percentage to a true Gotland breed of sheep, just like in Sweden.

We welcome "like-minded individuals" the opportunity to purchase our sheep in keeping with the same mindset.

Since obtaining our ewes: Madeline, Astrid, Hanna, Lilli-belle, Starla and our "Big Guys" rams, Bentley (who is 92.19% Gotland) and Gustaff (who is 100% Gotland) our flock have enriched our farm with their loving personalities & characteristics. We also have been blessed with lambs each year and have increased our herd since 2016.

We open our farm several times during the year, to the community, to learn more about our farm and the Gotland Sheep we breed. Watch our page for "special events" and FOLLOW US on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM. 

All are registered through the American Gotland Sheep Society

Gotland fleece is considered one of the very best for spinning, especially weaving. Gotland wool is silky, lustrous and beautiful. They have a magic sheen and shimmer to them. They spin beautifully and are great for felting, needle or wet. I find the variations in tones even within one fleece makes a magical yarn.


Gotland sheep originate from the small island of Gotland, set in the middle of the Baltic Sea, off the coast of Sweden. One of the Northern short-tailed breeds, their bloodlines date back to the Viking era.

Breed Description:

Gotland sheep are fine-boned and of medium size. Gotlands are polled and have no wool on their black heads and legs. There may be white markings on the top of the head or around the nose and mouth. They have alert medium sized ears that stand outwards with a small neat muzzle, an even jaw and even teeth. Their slender neck and shoulders set smoothly into a level back with good depth and reasonable breadth of body. The slender legs are well spaced and upright. The tail is short with a hair covered tip.


Gotlands are a bright, active, and friendly sheep full of curiosity. Ewes generally weigh from 120-155 kg. Rams are heavier, weighing in at 165-190 kg. Lambs are born with lush black birth coat and are very active and quick to suckle. They make rapid summer growth: 30-50 kg at 6-7 months old, dependent on litter size.

Gotland Fiber:

Gotland fleece grows 10 to 12 inches a year, requiring shepherds to shear them twice a year. The fleece is fine, long, lustrous and dense and can be all shades of grey from silver to charcoal grey and dark enough to be almost black. They have a clearly defined even curl (purl) and staple that is soft to the touch. Their disposition is docile and friendly. Bright, active and full of curiosity. The fleece is typically 29 to 34 micrometres in diameter. Lambs wool can be in the low to mid 20’s micrometre range. The fleece is prized in the United States by handspinners. In Europe they are most desired for their pelts.

Gotland yarn, when knit, has a lovely drape. When over-dyed it has gives deep heathered shades of color. Gotland wool also felts quite easily making it an excellent choice for felters. Fiber artists and doll makers find their curly locks of wool amazing to work with, often using them as embellishments or for hair.

Gotland Lambs For Sale

With our spring lambing season complete, we are awaiting the return of the lab results to determine PrP gene codon 171 genotypes and check health.

Gotland lambs are vigorous and enjoy attention. They are generally born with black fleece. Within their first 2 to 3 months of life, they begin to grow their gray wool. Once the lambs are weaned (typically by the end of the summer) they would be ready for their new farmstead.

If you are looking to increase your herd with quality genetics or considering a starter flock raising Gotlands. CONTACT US for more information & be placed on our Waiting List.   

Gotland Yarn (skeins)

Below are our CURRENT Yarns (skeins) Available for purchase.

CONTACT US to inquire on stock and to place order. PAYMENT thru PayPal. 

We WILL Ship Anywhere in the USA.

Top (Burgundy - Lavender - Indigo)

Bottom (Sage - Forest Green - Periwinkle)

Mulberry - Goldenrod - Apricot - Olive

Various Shades of Gotland Gray

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